This is no joke, this is real we need help!

Sherma L. Duck Principal at cy fair isd Anthony Middle School Discriminated against my 12 year old grandson I need help! discrimination should not be tolerated in our school system by anyone! not even a principal like Sherma L. Duck can someone please help us.

 My Daughter Wrote.

I usually do not put my personal business out there but my heart is breaking. Last Tuesday I was called by my son's school CYFAIR ISD ANTHONY MIDDLE SCHOOL that there was an incident at school and I needed to pick up my son. Anyone and anybody who knows my son knows he's different he's struggles academically he was held back 3rd grade and failed again for the second year. He was bullied and called stupid for 2 years I complained to everyone including the district nothing was ever done. I had Cy-fair school district test him for any and every learning disability I heard excuse after excuse he was always low but not low enough to qualify. Danny is 12 years old he is not very confident holding a conversation and he cannot tie his shoes. Back to the school they proceeded to take me to my son but before they wanted to let me know they believed my son was under the influence of something because his sentences were not making sense and he couldn't keep eye contact. Danny has always talked out of sequence they should have records from his previous teachers I let them know he struggled with this since he was 6 he was tested by the district repeatedly. Danny’s Pediatrician believes he has a form of AUTISM. Another reason for being on so called drugs was his complaints of leg pain of course his legs hurt he plays football he is on defense so the leg pain he feels should be normal but according to Anthony Middle School he is on drugs. I spoke to my son that same day in front of 2 Vice Principals and a Counselor after speaking with him I looked over and said he normally acts like this it's pretty sad I've been trying to bring it to your attention since 1st grade and now he's in 6th and you barely are noticing something is wrong but instead of thinking he needs academic help you accuse him of being on drugs. Yes my son is different but he's not on drugs of course they looked at me in disbelief. After that I took my son to his old elementary school picked up my daughter there he had about a 10 minute conversation with an old teacher not one time did she ask is Danny on drugs because that's how Danny has always been different. After getting my daughter we went straight to the doctor I had her evaluate Danny she said he was fine. The Pediatrician also took urine that day for a complete drug test because I knew in my heart thoseSherma L. Duck Principal at Anthony Middle School Discriminated against 12 year old grandson people at Anthony Middle School did not believe me that my son normally acts different. The results came in 3 days later and of course like his mother knew NEGATIVE all the way down. So tell me why???? is the school punishing my son and sending him to an alternative school for 30 days for being UNDER THE INFLUENCE when he did nothing wrong just for being different just for having a learning disability and not being like a typical 12 year old... Makes no sense and it's completely unfair as a result I will be getting my own testing of my son done by Texas children’s to find out what exact disability he has because I trusted CYFAIR for 8 years and they failed us and I have contacted attorneys and I think I finally found one that can help me I know this will be a long journey but if I do not fight for my son who will????? I REFUSE TO SEND MY SON TO THAT ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL AND TEACH HIM IT'S OK TO BE ACCUSED AND PUNISHED FOR SOMETHING HE DIDN'T DO.... please share this story it's sad this could be anyone's child.... I will have justice for DANNY even if it's just getting his story out there....

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