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Companies that discriminate against minority owned business

1. shale-inland holdings The Shale-Inland Family of Companies CF Fluids J&J Alloys J&J Bar Plus Main Steel Metals, Inc. MultAlloy Polar Pipe PVF, Florida Southwest Stainless Stamping and Fabricating Stainless Tubular Products Sunbelt Supply...

 All I wanted was to pursue the American dream and start my own business, but my entire dreams where lost when I was decimated against, 5 months ago I invested all my savings and bought two trucks with the dream of turning it into a full fleet services company I knew if I could get on with, Shale-Inland Family of Companies,I could do it however when I applied the application process said I had to have dot authority more the 90 days to provide courier service for shale-inland so I waited.

   A few weeks ago I applied and I was approved I called the logistics manager for shale inland Andrew Young he answered he said I wasn’t done I had to do the insurance process so I did however they were asking for workers comp which you don’t need as a contactor I told them none of the other companies that services them have that insurance they said I need to get shale inland Andrew Young to sign a waiver so I called Andrew Young and he answered I told him what their insurance process service he told me he said I spend more time on the phone with you then I do with my 500 logistics companies and I’ll see what I can do I’ll call you back, this was the second time I called Andrew Young, He never called back.

  A few days later I called Mr. Andrew Young someone else answered acting like Mr. Young he said he would finish my application and e-mail the results, here’s the actual E-mail.

  After reviewing the information you submitted through the application process, we found that there are some discrepancies between the information which was reported during the registration process and the information reported on the Federal Motor Carrier website. Furthermore, your operating authority has been active less than 120 Days, and as a result there is insufficient data available for us to determine your safety record and fitness as a contracted carrier partner. Additionally, despite our attempts to contact your trade references, there have been no return phone calls from your trade references to validate you information.

  Which all is a lie, I called my trade partner he said no one ever called him, I have a copy of the application where I passed all there requirement’s including operating authority 90 Days, I called Mr. Andrew Young he will not answer my calls I have left massages for Mr. Andrew Young but he will not return my call.

 I have left e-mail messages and phone massages for CEO Mr. Frank A. Riddick III, Founder and Partner Mr. Raj Maheshwari, Partner Mr. Philip E. Gaucher Chief Financial Mr. Gary Haire and Mr. Alan Blankshain to let them know what Mr. Young is doing but no one calls back.

2. Global Stainless Supply

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